Quién es Ray Dillinger?

Algunos consejos de buceador de información:.

1- NO deberías leer traducciones bajo ningún concepto, ya sabes de sobra lo que pasa, elige siempre el texto original!!!!!

2- Intenta ir en orden cronológico para poder seguir un orden lógico de los acontecimientos y te den mejor comprensión de lo sucedido

3 – Si Ray se refiere a Bitcoin en algún momento como en este post, Bitcoin is a disaster. su referencia muy probablemente es sobre BTC (Bitcoin Core), del Bitcoin que él revisó en nov 2008, a lo que queda hoy en Bitcoin Core, hay mucha diferencia!!!!!.

The scarcity of block chain space has led people to re-invent every
last feature of the banks they thought they were going to be escaping.
Including debt brokering (lightning network) and fractional-reserve


Algunas preguntas que me hice cuando empecé a investigar sobre Ray Dillinger:

1- Porqué siendo Ray tan importante en el comienzo del código de BitCoin, nadie habla de él o apenas se le menciona?

2- Cuál fue el rol de Ray en Bitcoin?

3- Cuál era la trayectoria de Ray antes y después de conocer Bitcoin

4- Cuáles son las habilidades y conocimientos que tiene Ray?

5- Estaba Ray cualificado para revisar la primera versión del código de BitCoin?

6- Cuál es la opinión de Ray sobre Satoshi?

7- Cómo descubro a Ray Dillinger, quién fue la primera persona a la que le escuché hablar de él?

Who is Ray Dillinger?

Who is Ray Dillinger? AKA Bear


“My background is mostly software QA and Natural-language processing. I got a couple of patents for a way to disambiguate pronouns in free text and autogeneration of queryable content from parsing free text. These days I work on independent projects and have an actual job doing something else. I coordinated the IEEE1148 (standardization of the Scheme programming language) committee.Interests:…

Lambda the Ultimate
The Programming Languages Weblog


Telegram Channel: Ray Dillinger

2010-02-27 large-scale programming systems inspired by ecological and market systems. By Ray Dillinger

2011-06-21 The Value Of Syntax?. By Ray Dillinger

2012-09-12 How much power should programmers have?

2013-01-20 Units and Numerical niceties. By Ray Dillinger

2013-01-21 Numbers and how to represent them. By Ray Dillinger


Satoshi didn’t have a 1MB limit in it. The limit was originally Hal Finney’s idea.  Both Satoshi and I objected that it wouldn’t scale at 1MB.  Hal was concerned about a potential DoS attack though, and after discussion, Satoshi agreed.  The 1MB limit was there by the time Bitcoin launched.  But all 3 of us agreed that 1MB had to be temporary because it would never scale.

…So at this point I think blockchain bloat as such is no longer likely to a problem, and the 1MB limit is no longer necessary. »

February 07, 2015

Cryddit / @RayDillinger


2016-07-16 A language for blind uncomprehending idiots who have no idea how programs work. By Ray Dillinger

2017/06/30 Jon Matonis and Craig Wright – Shinseiki Evangerion –
                   The Future of Bitcoin Conference 2017- Arnhem, the Netherlands June 30th

18:30 minute Craig talks about Bear and what has happened to him with Core,

                    a GREAT programmer reduced to silence !!!!!


In November of 2008, I did a code review and security audit for the block chain portion of the Bitcoin source code. The late Hal Finney did code review and audit for the scripting language, and we both looked at the accounting code. Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous architect and author of the code, alternated between answering questions and asking them.

Craig and Ray Dillinger
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Mon Dec 28 2020
[Cryptography] Bitcoin is a disaster.
Ray Dillinger bear at sonic.net
The scarcity of block chain space has led people to re-invent every
last feature of the banks they thought they were going to be escaping.
Including debt brokering (lightning network) and fractional-reserve

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