Ian Grigg

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    Ian Grigg


¿Quién es Ian Grigg?

«Satoshi Nakamoto fue el secreto mejor guardado de la criptografía desde Enigma. Durante más de 6 años, el secreto estuvo en manos de un pequeño grupo de simpatizantes que rodeaban al equipo, por su privacidad, seguridad y miedo».

Satoshi está muerto, larga vida a Satoshi!!. por Ian Grigg.  May 02, 2016




  Ian Grigg

Major project: Chamapesa.com Advisor at Akropolis, EOS, Mattereum, Knabu. Financial Cryptographer / Crypto-Plumber. Developed the Ricardo Transaction Engine from 1995-Present. Invented: Ricardian Contract, Triple-Entry Accounting. Defined «Financial Cryptography» http://iang.org/papers/fc7.html


CTO @Chamapesa: fighting for the user, issuing her assets since 1995. Assets are soft, users are hard. The issue isn’t the asset, the issue is you.


Financial Cryptography – Where the crypto rubber meets the Road of Finance…

Financial Cryptography in 7 Layers

Ian Grigg   1998 – 2000

Ian Grigg & Eva Stowe Keynote – EOS Blockchain Governance (EOS治理框架) https://youtu.be/_gbfAJS3jjM

«La citación también solicita cualquier comunicación con el criptógrafo financiero Ian Grigg, el director ejecutivo del Centro para el Ciberespacio Estratégico + Ciencia de la Seguridad, Richard Zaluski, y el inversor de Bitcoin Roger Ver, entre otros.»


Before 2013 few people paid attention to Bitcoin and blockchain, yet even back in the 1990s a vibrant group of prioneers pursued the vision of financial cryptography and digital cash. One of these was financial cryptographer and software developer Ian Grigg, who today works as an architecture consultant for R3.

Grigg joined us for a discussion of the history of the digital cash, Bitcoin and his work on Ricardian Contracts, which foreshadowed today’s smart contracts.

Topics covered included:

– The origin story of financial cryptography

– DigiCash and the startup scene around it in the 1990s

Publicado el 3 oct. 2016


There’s I guy called Ian Grigg who was involved in the early cypherpunks of the 90s ho is very knowledgeable about Ricardian contracts, which apparently are more expressive form of contract than smart contracts. Here is a podcast of his that the devs of Hashgraph might want to listen to.  He’s now working on the EOS blockchain project. https://soundcloud.com/epicenterbitcoin/eb-151

151 – Ian Grigg: Ricardian Contracts And Digital Assets Prehistory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wokvO1ptE1k

Millions of transactions per second on EOS.IO blockchain | Interview Ian Grigg of Block.One


In this last video he talks about the use of messaging rather than state reach consensus in a system. It seems similar to gossip approach in a way. He has a paper called Financial Cryptography in 7 Layers. He says that many projects fail because they don’t take into account all the various levels of knowledge needed for a successful decentralised system. Might be worth looking into also. http://iang.org/papers/fc7.html https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/3-540-45472-1_23

May 04, 2017

«When I said that Craig was part of the team that was Satoshi Nakamoto – that statement sort of hung there and became an urban legend. You might recall that I made that statement in May of 2016, but within days, the events went out of control and it all collapsed».

[Cryptography] Proof-of-Satoshi fails Proof-of-Proof.

ianG iang@iang.org

Wed May 4  2016

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