Teranode Project.

Teranode Project.

Teranode Project.

Teranode Project.

Esta es una selección de documentos (artículos y videos) que de puede ver públicamente.

desde hace bastante tiempo en nChain llevan trabajando en esto, el proyecto se llama Teranode y una de las personas que más conoce y trabaja en este proyecto privado es Daniel Connolly





2018 11 23 LONDON /PRNewswire/ CoinGeek Partners on Teranode Project With nChain; Enabling Path to 1 Terabyte Blocks and 7 Million Transactions per Second for Bitcoin (BCH-SV)



20218 11 27 Bitcoin SV to process 1TB in transactions within three years. Erik Gibbs

2018 12 03 Craig Wright Of Bitcoin SV (BSV) To Utilize 1 TB Blocks ‘Terranode Bitcoin’ Within 2 Years from Now 



Our answer is simple: With SV, we are scaling Bitcoin to handle over 4 million transactions a second in the period between now and 2021. At a cost of $0.0025 a transaction on average, miners will earn over $10,000 a block as we scale to such a level, and there are businesses wanting this already. For us, Bitcoin is business friendly. There is no spam on the blockchain that is paid for».

2018 12 12 Bitcoin is a commodity. Craig Wright – medium


2019 06 10 VIDEO Steve Shadders talks BSV roadmap at CoinGeek Toronto Conference 2019


2019 06 24 VIDEO Bitcoin SV Node developer Brad Kristensen talks scaling at CoinGeek Toronto 2019


2019 06 28 VIDEO MetanetTV Livestream June 2019: Daniel Connolly (1h34 Min)

2019 11 19 VIDEO Daniel Connolly – Bitcoin SV Lead Developer on Genesis Upgrade – Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 15 – (53:15 Min)

2019 12 14  VIDEO   «Teranode: The Transition Plan for Terabyte Size Blocks and Enterprise-Class BSV Software»  Daniel Connolly

2020 01 24 VIDEO Daniel Connolly: The exciting possibilities for Bitcoin SV after Genesis (27:07 Min)

2020 02 20 Bitcoin Server Network or ‘Teranode’ to handle enterprise level applications – CoinGeek – Jon Southurst


2020 03 02 INTERVIEWS  Daniel Connolly: We’re taking a big data approach with Teranode. Joshua Henslee – Coingeek


2020 04 07 VIDEO Daniel Connolly: Bitcoin SV Genesis and Teranode (15:39 Min)









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