Kleiman v. Wright – Lista conjunta de testigos

Kleiman v. Wright – Joint Witness List


lista de testigos y expertos


  1. Gavin Andresen. Mr. Gavin Andresen resides in Amherst, Massachusetts. He is a software developer.
  2. Kimon Andreou. Mr. Andreou resides in Broward County, Florida. He is an employee of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.
  3. Carter Conrad. Mr. Conrad resides in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is an owner of Computer Forensics LLC.
  4. Kaleb Jones. Kaleb Jones resides in Lake Worth, Florida. He is a student.
  5. Joseph Karp. Mr. Karp resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He is a lawyer and founder of Karp Law Firm, P.A.
  6. Kursten Karr. Ms. Kursten Karr resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.
  7. Ira Kleiman. Plaintiff Ira Kleiman resides in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He is self-employed.
  8. Debra Kobza. Ms. Kobza resides in St. Augustine, Florida. She was the founder of GICSR.
  9. David Kuharcik. Mr. Kuharcik has his office located in North Palm Beach, Florida. He is a Certified Public Accountant.
  10. Confidential Third Party Witness. Witness resides outside the jurisdiction of the Court.
  11. Donald J. Lynam. Mr. Lynam resides in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia. He is Dr. Wright’s uncle.
  12. Corporate Representative / Records Custodian of Miami VA Hospital. The Miami VA Hospital is located in Miami, Florida.
  13. Jimmy Nguyen. Mr. Nguyen resides in Seattle, Washington. He is a former CEO of nChain Group and currently the President of the Bitcoin Association.
  14. Andrew O’Hagan. Mr. O’Hagan resides in London, UK. He is a journalist for the London Review of Books.
  15. Patrick Paige. Mr. Paige resides in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is an owner of Computer Forensics LLC.
  16. Robert Radvanovsky. Mr. Radvanovsky resides in Chicago, Illinois. He is a cybersecurity researcher.
  17. Brendan Sullivan. Mr. Sullivan resides in New York City. He is a journalist for Modern Consensus.
  18. W&K Info Defense Research LLC, Plaintiff (Zachary Eisner Corporate Representative). W&K Info Defense Research LLC (“W&K”) is a Florida Liability company with its principal place of business in West Palm Beach, Florida. Zachary Eisner is an attorney who resides in Miami, Florida.
  19. Jonathan Warren. Mr. Warren resides in Brooklyn, New York. He was the creator of Bitmessage.
  20. Ramona Watts. Ms. Watts resides in the United Kingdom. She is the wife of Dr. Wright.
  21. Jamie Wilson. Mr. Wilson resides in Queensland, Australia. He is a former director of Hotwire Preemptive Intelligence Pty.
  22. Dr. Craig Wright, Defendant. Dr. Wright resides in the United Kingdom. He is the Chief Scientist at nChain.
  23. Lynn Wright. Ms. Wright resides in Australia. She is Dr. Wright’s ex-wife.


  1. Andreas Antonopoulous. Mr. Antonopoulous resides in Laramie, Wyoming. He is being offered as an expert witness on the topic of Bitcoin and open blockchain technology.
  2. Dr. Stefan Boedeker. Dr. Boedeker is a managing partner of Berkley Research Group in Los Angeles, California.
  3. Nicholas J. Chambers. Mr. Chambers is a Senior Vice President in the Investigations, Dispute and Risks practice at AlixPartners, LLP in Washington, D.C.
  4. Dr. William S. Choi. Dr. Choi is a Managing Director at AlixPartners, LLC in San Francisco, California.
  5. Dr. Matthew Edman. Dr. Edman is Director in the Cyber Security & Investigations practice at Berkley Research Group in New York, NY.
  6. Dr. William G. Eggington. Dr. Eggington is a professor of English Language and Linguistic at Brigham Young University in Utah.
  7. Gordon Klein. Mr. Klein is a teacher at the UCLA School of Management and UCLA law school.
  8. Dr. Ami Klin. Dr. Klin resides in Atlanta, Georgia.He works at Marcus Autism Center.
  9. Dr. Robert Leonard. Dr. Leonard is professor of linguistics at Hofstra University in New York.
  10. Dr. D. Stewart MacIntyre, Jr. Dr. MacIntyre, Jr. is a Doctor of Medicine that works at Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida.
  11. Kevin E. Madura. Mr. Madura is a Senior Vice President in the global Cybersecurity practice group at AlixPartners LLP in Washington, D.C.
  12. William R. Nicholson. Mr. Nicholson is a Principal, Partner and Chief Compliance Officer of Heritage Capital Group in Jacksonville, Florida.
  13. F. Harley Norwitch. Mr. Norwitch has his office located in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is the owner of Norwitch Document Laboratory.
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