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Presentación AfterMovie Hackathon Valencia #IoTBlockchainCamp2018

Presentación AfterMovie Hackathon Valencia #IoTBlockchainCamp2018

2018 04 20

International Camp The IOT-Blockchain Camp is a 5-day intensive training focused on connecting real world data (IOT) with distributed ledger technologies (Blockchain)

The 2018 edition will be held in Valencia, Spain, April 11-15. The IOT-Blockchain camp combines technical seminars where you will learn the technology, and a 48h hackathon where you will apply it in real industry challenges.

70 participants from all over the world

IT, electronics and business backgrounds

5 Topics (Smart Cities, energy, tourism, transport and health&Sport)


IoT-Blockchain Camp Valencia

Official Telegram chat (Only english)




 Only videos

Presentación Personal Cómo se vive el mundo Blockchain & Cripto, sin conocer la tecnología. (56 minutos) 2018 10 12

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